Adventures abound in 2023

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Israel was amazing!

Those of us who journeyed to Israel had the opportunity to see the Word of God in a whole new light as we walked where Jesus walked. Our lives were impacted as the Bible came alive. Three young people were baptized in the Sea of Galilee. Travel went smoothly for all but one and the weather was great (only one day of rain). One participant stated, “It was the greatest adventure anyone can have. Thank you all for such an amazing trip.” Click here to view photos from the trip >>>

I had about 10 days before getting back into speaking events. The first one was at God’s Gathering Place on January 29th. Then I am booked every Sunday/weekend through April (except 4/2) with a few events falling during the week.

Our next journey

We have been heavily promoting the Marine Biology adventure through social media, churches, and mailings because we still need more students. This is such a unique program that has greatly impacted so many lives, and not just students. A gentleman that used to drive the bus for us recently reminded us how God used this program to get his walk with Jesus back on track. Please help us spread the word to potential students – children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, we even take adults. All the details are on the website. We are also looking for sponsors to help offset some of the cost increases. Click here for information on sponsorship.

Share the Marine Biology program with a student you know!

New Beginnings

With the beginning of a new year, many of us set goals and make plans. One goal I encourage you to set is to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”. (2 Peter 3:18) We are making some big plans to move to the West Bend area. When we first launched E4F we planned to move at some point. With the news of our 3-year-old grandson, Ryder, being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we feel the need to move sooner so we can help and support Amanda and Jason. We are shooting for June but know God’s timing might be different. Pray for just the right house in the right location.

Denise and Ryder playing in the woods.

We need your help!

In the first newsletter we sent out after launching this ministry, we shared 3 ways that you, our partners can help us. Here is a reminder of those needs:

  1. PRAY – It is vital to have prayer warriors!
  2. GIVE – This is a support raising ministry. We need monthly donors to cover salaries and operating expenses. Charlotte is now coming on full time, so we need to cover her salary increase. You can donate online or by mail. Click here for information on how to donate.
  3. SHARE/CONNECT – Spread the word about us to your friends, families, churches, etc. Tell them about our free content (podcasts, videos, click here to view our free courses). Invite us to your church (click here for bookings). We are praying for opportunities to share the Gospel and equip believers.

Keep Us in Your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

Thank you for your prayers!

Executive Director