2023 Israel Trip

Dates: January 2023

Cost: TBD (airfare to Israel NOT included)

Join Michael Lane and Archeologist Dr. Steve Notley for a journey through Biblical History!

For the past several years Michael & Dr. Steve have partnered with the help of Emmaus Journeys to help believers understand how historical and archeological evidence align with the Biblical record. The itinerary will cover Old Testament and New Testament sites and help you gain a greater understanding of the cultural, geographical and historical context of Biblical events.

Michael Teaching at Capernaum


Most questions can be answered by viewing our trip page at Emmaus Journeys (TBD). You will also use their application to register for the trip.

How do I register?
Emmaus Journeys is handling the administration, registration and payment arrangements for the trip. Registration for 2023 will be announced.

What is included in the trip cost?
The trip cost covers all hotel, transportation, fees and daily breakfast & dinners. Airfare to and from Israel is not included. Taxi service between the hotel and airport on your day of arrival and your day of departure are not included. Lunches are not included.

How should I buy my tickets and meet up with the group?
You will be able to purchase the airfare of your choice to and from Tel Aviv airport. Plan to fly out on January 5th so that you can arrive on January 6th. From the airport you will take a taxi and meet the group at the first hotel (TBD). Check-in begins at 3:00 pm on January 6th and dinner will be provided. Please follow the instructions on the Emmaus website to use authorized taxi services (links to be provided).

For your return flight, you will need to take a taxi from the Hotel (TBD) in Jerusalem to the Tel Aviv airport. Taxi service can be arranged through the front desk. Checkout is typically at 5:00 pm. The trip fee covers accommodation through the night of January 15th. You can schedule your return flight as soon as the evening of the 16th. If you plan to stay an extra night in Israel, you can make arrangements with the hotel and will need to cover the fee.

Will I need to get the COVID-19 vaccine to travel / Will I need to quarantine?
At this point in time we do not know what the health guidelines will be come January 2023. As we get closer to our traveling date, we will let participants know about any updated health guidelines.

What sites will we visit?

Can I bring my children?
Some families may want to experience this trip together. We will be hiking and walking in warm weather everyday. With this in mind we recommend you only bring minors 10 or older that are able to keep up and enjoy the trip. Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for their children for the duration of the trip. There is no separate children’s program or childcare provided.

Will I need a passport?
Yes. You will need a passport for international travel. It can take several months to obtain a passport. If you have not done so, begin your passport application as soon as possible. Find out more about passports at Emmaus Journeys.

Should I order currency ahead of the trip?
We recommend that you exchange currency upon arrival in Israel at the airport. Emmaus recommends you budget $25/day to cover lunches and any extra tourist activities you wish to do outside of the trip itinerary. Some locations we will visit may not have Credit Card machines and ATMs are few & far between. Learn more about how to budget for you trip at Emmaus Journeys.

What should I pack?
Luggage is limited to one suitcase and one day backpack per person. You will also want to consider leaving space for any purchases you wish to bring back. There are some holy sites that will also require modest dress (covering knees and shoulders). Please visit the Emmaus Journeys website for a detailed list on what to pack. You can also view the typical weather for the period we will be visiting. We will be in Israel during the cooler season but it will still be warmer than midwest USA!