The Jerusalem Files (Biblical Archaeology) | 8-19 min

Need evidence for the Bible? Let’s go to Jerusalem! This video series contains short biblical archaeology lessons based around the city of Jerusalem that we filmed on one of our Biblical Archaeology tours (Join us for the next one here). Join us as we travel around the city looking at some neat archaeological finds!

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Explore the Biblical Archaeology of Jerusalem:

Hezekiah’s Broad Wall (Biblical Archaeology) | 8 min

Isaiah 2:10 and Nehemiah 3:8 both make references to the “Broad Wall” King Hezekiah built in Jerusalem. Archaeologist have excavated this wall and you can find sections of this wall exposed in the old city of Jerusalem. Join us as we look at archaeological evidence the remains provide and how they show evidence for the…

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King David’s Tomb (Biblical Archaeology) | 18 min

Just outside of the old city of Jerusalem, to the south lies the city of David, an active Biblical Archaeology site uncovering King David’s palace. Go a bit further and you will find a peculiar area that’s often ignored between the Gihon spring and the Pool of Siloam. This site has gone through many changes…

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The Trumpeting Stone (Biblical Archaeology) | 8 min

When visiting the old city of Jerusalem you might hear claims that there never was a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. However, there is archaeological evidence that says quite the contrary. One of these is the trumpeting stone, a place where one was instructed to blow the shofar to announce the beginning of Shabbat.…

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The Seal of the Prophet Isaiah (Biblical Archaeology) | 4 min

Dr. Eilat Mazar is a renowned archaeologist whose discoveries helped uncover the biblical record under Jerusalem. One of those discoveries was a bulla, also known as a clay seal that would have been used to seal letters. Hundreds of bullas have been found and they typically carry the symbol and name of the writer (such…

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The Baptisms of Pentecost (Biblical Archaeology) | 7 min

Pentecost marks the explosion of the faith among the Jews in Jerusalem. Acts 2:41 tells us that three thousand people were baptized following Peter’s sermon at the Temple Mount. That’s a lot of people! The traditional theory is that these new believers travelled a ways from the Temple Mount to get baptized in the river.…

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Garden Of Gethsemane (Biblical Archaeology) | 10 min

The Garden of Gethsemane lies outside of the old city towards the lower side of the Mount of Olives. The modern garden you can visit today is much smaller than it was in the first century but the olive industry is still alive and well. There are a few trees in this garden that might…

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Solomonic Gates (Biblical Archaeology) | 47 min

Solomonic gates refers to the gates rebuilt by Solomon during his reign. Our modern ideas of gates are simple barriers to separate property, but gates served as much more in Old Testament times. City gates were very important points of communication, government, justice, and marketplaces. Biblical descriptions of these gates indicate that they were fairly…

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