2023 Marine Biology Open Registration

We are accepting applications for the 2023 Marine Biology course! Ages 14 and up are welcome to register, adult learners included. This course is great for anyone wanting to learn more about God’s creation, step their toes in the field of Marine Biology, or get a taste of a Marine Biology Career. This course is also great for homeschool students looking for a lab science credit.

Latest Courses

Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!!! How has your year been? It can be hard to see the good things when your year has been filled with heartache, pain, and disaster. Often, we can fall into depression and start to believe that God has abandoned us. This is not what scripture teaches us. Through the examples of scripture and…

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The Armor of God

Ephesians 6:10-20 is one of the most popular Bible studies about spiritual warfare. Paul specifically uses the image of a Roman soldier as he is writing to Christians in the Roman world who would have seen this armor every day. Paul also assigns specific attributes to the different parts of the armor to help his…

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Basics Of Apologetics | 55 min

The purpose of this series is to help new believers (and maybe not so new believers) understand the building blocks of their faith and be equipped to investigate the difficult questions about their belief. What is The Bible? (Session 1) | 55 min To understand Christian apologetics and Christian living, you must start at the…

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Keep the Fires Burning

Keep the Fires Burning is a Bible Study series of the minor characters of the Bible that can teach us major lessons. Each episode will introduce you to a new character and help you understand why they are mentioned. You might have met some of these characters in your life recently. You might find that you have a lot more in common with these characters in your own walk of faith.

Ministry News

The Need for Apologetics and November Ministry Updates

Busy, busy, busy… November was another busy month, but that’s good, because I like to stay busy. The month began with a half day seminar at God’s Gathering Place where I presented the same topics as I did on the tour. I also taught there two Sundays this month and once at Eaglebrook Church in…

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The seeds are sown and other ministry updates…

God’s Gracious Hand We are grateful for the opportunities God gave us to share the truth with so many on our Fall Tour. We travelled from Brentwood, NH to Boston, MA to Harrisburg, PA to Union City, TN, our final destination. The topics for most of the events were the Reliability of Scriptures and Archaeological…

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Israel is going, going, going….

The Israel trip is officially taking off on January 4th! And there is still a spot for you and a couple of friends. Our very own Michael Lane and archaeologist Dr. Steven Notley will be taking you through Biblical History and visit the sites where the Bible actually happened. This tour is a unique opportunity…

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We’re at 62%!

It takes about $12,500 monthly to cover our operation expenses and staff salaries so we can keep publishing content for free and putting on events to point people to Christ! Help us reach 100%