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Want Michael to speak at your event? Send us a message with details about your event and the dates and/or topics you would like Michael to speak on.

Bookings FAQs

My group is small, is there a minimum requirement for Michael to come speak to my group?
There is no minimum requirement for Michael to come speak to your small group, youth group or local church. We highly recommend you invite other local groups and churches to participate in your event and advertise locally.

What are the Fees for booking E4F?
For any event there is a Travel Fee and an optional Speaking Fee. The Travel fee covers traveling expense to and from your event and how you choose to host the E4F team visiting you (you can host us in your home or in a hotel). If the E4F team is visiting multiple events in an area, we will attempt to divide the Traveling fee across events as appropriate. The Speaking Fee is up to your group’s ability to give. You can collect a love offering during your event or decide on a flat fee before your event. We do not require a minimum donation. Give joyfully as you are able. We use these fees to help cover salaries and operating expenses to bring the gospel, discipleship and apologetics training to many small and large communities across the nation.

Does E4F charge admittance or registration fees?
Most E4F speaking events are free to attend. Admittance to speaking events on the calendar is handled by the individual groups hosting E4F. E4F does not collect registration fees or admittance fees nor requires you to charge these fees on speaking events held at your location.

How soon should I book Michael?
Book as soon as possible! Bookings are typically first-come, first served. If you have a particular date you want to book, contact us asap to get on the calendar.