Important friends and announcements!

It’s official! New videos return this Friday! This new series is going out of the studio and taking you around some of the archaeological sites of the city of Jerusalem where you can see the evidence that the Bible did really happen!

What we do at Evidence 4 Faith is not possible without the support of friends, and we would like to thank in particular a couple of our international friends today. Dr. Steven Notley and his wife Sunya from Alliance University have been instrumental in getting us connected in Israel so we could do this video shoot. Another dear friend who has helped us get artifacts and artifact replicas to help us teach on the road (and use in our videos) is Zak.

Visit Zak’s shop online!

Zak and his family are among the many Christians in the Holy Land sharing the Gospel with tourists and locals. Zak is passionate about antiquities because they show evidence that the Bible is real! You can find Zak and his antiquities shop in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem at shop #24 or visit his online store. So next time you are in Israel, make sure to greet our dear friend and brother in Christ who is a big part of bringing the Bible to life at E4F!

Creative & Technical Director