The Need for Apologetics and November Ministry Updates

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Busy, busy, busy… November was another busy month, but that’s good, because I like to stay busy. The month began with a half day seminar at God’s Gathering Place where I presented the same topics as I did on the tour. I also taught there two Sundays this month and once at Eaglebrook Church in Woodruff. I was the speaker for a Walnut Hill Bible Church youth retreat at Expeditions Unlimited. I did three lessons on what it means to follow Jesus, beginning with salvation. The leaders said the messages were powerful and led to good discussions in their small groups. One girl who usually isn’t into Bible lessons, took pages of notes! Pray that the seeds planted will be watered and grow. I spent an afternoon with about 50 area homeschool students and conducted 15 experiments showing that we believe in so many things we can’t see. So why don’t we believe that God is there even though we can’t see Him? The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. I taught the TruNorth students at Fort four times – classes included how to use tools to study the Bible, the origin and accuracy of the Bible, and why we have four Gospels.

The above graph shows our monthly downloads. Before October of this year we averaged 600 downloads. In October we had 1,954!! PTL!!


ISRAEL – Praise God! We have 40 registered to go to Israel this January, exactly how many we prayed for!

MARINE BIOLOGY Come with us and enjoy some warm sunshine in the Florida Keys! It’s an amazing and unique experience. Check out the photos from our recent trip. The dates are April 6-15, 2023, with details on the program page.


The whole armor of God course is available now!

America needs apologetics

I want to briefly share with you a few of the highlights from an IFA (Intercessors for America) blog I received from a friend. Lifeway Research and Ligonier Ministries conducted a survey to gauge the theological climate in the US. The report was titled, The State of Theology. The survey revealed that Americans, including evangelicals, “increasingly reject the divine origin and accuracy of the Bible.” These results “convey the ongoing need for the church to be engaged in apologetics.” This is definite proof of the need for ministries like E4F. Won’t you please consider helping us reach Americans and the world by hosting an event and/or becoming a donor.

Keep us in your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

  • WE NEED YOU to help us reach our goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses! Please consider supporting us.
  • The upcoming trip to Israel (travel, safety, weather, impact)
  • More registrations for Marine Bio
  • Sponsors for the Marine Bio trip
  • Charlotte as she finishes up her last few weeks of school
  • Funds to increase Charlotte’s salary after she graduates in December

Thank you for your prayers! Enjoy this season of advent as you prepare to celebrate the birth of our LORD!

Executive Director