Camera, Set, Go! June Ministry Update

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Take 1

Since returning from the Marine Bio trip, Charlotte and I have been busy recording, editing, and uploading content to the various digital sites. We completed taping the “Give Me a Reason to Believe!” series and I am continuing to work on recording the “Keep the Fires Burning” podcasts, a series about minor Bible characters and what we can learn from them about keeping our spiritual journey on track. All our platforms are growing. We are adding new followers and subscribers every day.

We had the opportunity to return to Calvary Bible Church, our home church in IL, May 21-23. The missions committee hosted an ice cream social so we could share how God is using E4F and I taught two Sunday school classes. It was great to be able to visit and fellowship with some of our dear friends.

Visiting with and teaching at Calvary Bible Church, our home church in Illinois

Host us at your Church!

We are currently organizing a couple of Fall tours. This will be a specially designed apologetics event. The dates for the first one are October 8-24. We will be starting in New Hampshire then heading to Tennessee and Florida with whatever stops we can schedule in between. November 7-21 we are planning to visit the southwest area (AZ, CO, NM). If you would be interested in hosting an event, contact April Guilliams – april@evidence4faith.orgMore details can be found posted on the website.

We need you!

We presently have 46 faithful monthly donors. If that’s you, we are so grateful for your interest in and support of E4F!! Since we just began our second year, we are starting over with attaining our monthly goal of $12,500 to cover expenses and salaries. With the gifts from these 46, we are just over halfway to that goal. Won’t you please consider joining our team of monthly partners and help us share the truth with this lost world? Details for giving can be found on the website.

Keep Us in Your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

  • We begin our second year at 54% of funding for a month! Our goal is $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses.
  • Praise God for the 46 faithful donors already giving!
  • We are looking for host churches for our tour this fall.
  • Funding and opportunities for our next year of ministry.

Thank you for your prayers! Love and Blessings to you all!

Executive Director