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We are a non-profit ministry on a mission to help more people defend their faith! We create free online courses in apologetics covering a broad range of topics from science to history, and archaeology in easily digestible formats. You can browse all our current offerings on the Courses page. Although if you are new to apologetics, we recommend you start with our Basics of Apologetics course.

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This ministry was founded by biologist and teacher Michael Lane, whose passion for learning and teaching led him to produce hundreds of apologetics lessons over the last 30 years. Up until 2021, you would have had to find Michael on the road or book him yourself to hear these lessons. In 2021 he joined forces with a couple of friends to get his lessons online so that anyone could enjoy learning about God, faith, and the Bible. One stipulation Michael had for his team was to never charge someone to hear the Gospel. Salvation is free and so is our content. You will never find a paywall on this website for content, and we do not charge speaking fees for in-person events. The E4F team and mission is 100% donor supported!

What makes our content different? Occasionally, we will receive feedback that our lessons are too “simple”. That is the point. You should not need seminary training or a PhD to get to know God and his Word! The path from spiritual birth to spiritual maturity is paved with many small steps. We provide those small steps by breaking down complex topics, helping you clarify your spiritual foundation, and providing you with basic tools to defend and build up your faith.

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You can learn more about our ministry pillars, core beliefs, and our team by visiting our about pages. We hope you enjoy learning about apologetics just as much as we do! Happy studying!

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