Give Me A Reason To Believe! Full Course Available

Give Me A Reason To Believe is a 6 part series on Biblical Apologetics. Each episode deals with a particular claim against the Bible, covering topics of history, archeology, and even science. You can now watch the whole series through our courses page, on YouTube, or on the podcast. The series includes:

  • Evidence Through Manuscripts
    • This episode examines the claim that the Bible is not accurate because it has been re-written over time and the Hebrews did not have a written language until 425 B.C. What is the evidence to support this claim and is it true? Join us as we look through the archeological evidence that will help us determine the accuracy of our modern Bibles and establish a date for the first written Hebrew language.
  • Evidence Jesus is the Messiah Through Prophecy
    • This episode examines if Jesus is truly the Messiah as described in Old Testament prophecies. How probable is it that someone could just fulfill these prophecies without a miracle? How many prophecies did Jesus fulfill?
  • Evidence for the Resurrection
    • In this episode we take a look at evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is the cornerstone to salvation and the Christian faith. Without Jesus’ resurrection, there is no reconciliation with God and only condemnation for the world. This supernatural event is highly contested and many theories have circulated to attempt to explain the resurrection as a sort of magic trick or organized deception. Do these theories have any grounds from historical, cultural, and archeological evidence? What evidence do we have to ascertain that the resurrection did indeed happen and that it can only be explained by a miracle?
  • Evidence through Prophecies of Nations
    • The Bible is a one-of-a-kind compilation of 66 books written by 40 different authors over a spam of 2,000 years. Some of these books contains prophecies concerning world events that are very specific. This episode takes a look at these prophecies and whether they happened as prophesied. What evidence is there to confirm or deny these prophecies? Were these prophecies written before or after these world events?
  • Evidence through History
    • An important field to look at when considering the validity of the Bible is the field of archeology. The Bible describes specific people and places of which we should be able to find remains of today. What does the archeological record have to say about biblical history? Has there been any discovery that challenges scripture? This episode is a general overview of the field of archeology and not an exhaustive list. More on this topic can be found in the Stones Bear Witness book series available for purchase here:
  • Evidence through Science
    • This episode explore the relationship between science and the Bible. The Bible is not a science textbook but contains descriptions of the natural world and phenomena. Many have claimed that science and the Bible are not compatible. Is this true? Is the science contained in the Bible in error or in alignment with our current scientific knowledge? This session is an overview of our longer series titled Science and the Bible.

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