Special Memorial Day Content and more!

Memorial Day is a time to recognize the fallen heroes in United States history. Remembrance is also a practice found in the Bible. This special course will take you through some of these unique practices and their significance and how you can remember God’s provision in your own life this year. Find the course here.

In case you missed it, the latest episode of Give Me A Reason To Believe is out now! Give Me A Reason To Believe is a 6 part series on Biblical Apologetics. Each episode deals with a particular claim against the Bible. This episode examines if Jesus is truly the Messiah as described in Old Testament prophecies. How probable is it that someone could just fulfill these prophecies without a miracle? How many prophecies did Jesus fulfill?

In our Keep The Fires Burning series we got to meet our first character: Boaz. Keep the Fires Burning is a Bible Study series of the minor characters of the Bible that can teach us major lessons. Each episode will introduce you to a new character and help you understand why they are mentioned. Check out his episode here and tune back in Friday to meet our next character!

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