Back in the Classroom

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Michael with the Trailhead Students

Teaching – one of my favorite things to do

I have spent the last two weeks teaching 13 students enrolled in the TRAILHEAD program, a gap year work-study program, at Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center. The first week was done virtually due to Covid, but the second week I was able to be there in person. I taught a variety of subjects including why we have so many translations of the Bible, how we got our Bible, archaeology, why there are four gospels, and accuracy of biblical prophecies. The students loved the classes and learned a lot. They’re going to try to work it out for me to come back again. I was able to have several good conversations with some of the students and staff. In between those two weeks, I continued my series on John at God’s Gathering Place in Conover. Denise even led the music. Charlotte was able to spend some time with her parents in Omaha.

Old earth vs Young Earth

While I spent time with the students at Forest Springs, many of them expressed that they were struggling with the origin of life. Did God use evolution over millions of years or was it literally six 24-hour days? My next event just happens to be a Creation Seminar at New Glarus Bible Church, October 15th-17th. I will be presenting evidence to answer this debate as well as our purpose for life. It is a free event open to the public. For more details, go to the website or Facebook page.

Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go

We’re leaving on a jet plane and heading to the Florida Keys for a week of sunshine, beaches, snorkeling, seafood, and R&R. Michaela and Ethan will be joining us. Nassau was our original destination, but we had to settle for the Keys.

60% Funding!
Thanks to recurring and one-time donations, we are at 60% of  our funding goal. Help us fill the gap by donating online or by mail.

New Podcast Episodes!
The last three week we have been exploring Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament. Catch up oy our favorite podcast platform!

Keep Us in Your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we travel and reach more people for Christ:

  • We are at 60% of funding for this year! Pray for new donors to help us reach our funding goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses (or $150,000/annually).
  • Still no IRS paperwork. Please continue to pray that it comes soon!
  • Pray for the health of our team. Satan continues to attack me physically, the first week of teaching I was battling laryngitis and now was diagnosed with an ear infection. Pray that Satan would not interfere with our ability to serve.
  • Pray for a safe and restful vacation.
  • Pray for Charlotte as she juggles school and working for E4F.
Executive Director