Jumping into a bountiful Fall Season

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Michael teaching on Jonah at Riverside Bible Camp

More running, not so much resting

I spent another weekend at Riverside Bible Camp, this time for a youth retreat for homeschoolers. The topic for the four sessions was the book of Jonah. The leaders said they had many great discussions with the students about salvation and what it looks like to daily follow Jesus.

On September 16th I was at West Bend Community Church for two events. The first was a luncheon for seniors; there were about 65 in attendance. I challenged them to continue serving the Lord as they still have a lot to offer. I even sang. 😊 That was followed by a 90-minute session for 120 homeschooled kids and their parents. Through a variety of activities and experiments, I provided evidence of design in creation. And if there is a design, there is a Designer. Afterwards, I was swarmed by kids with questions, wanting to talk further. Thank you to the Young Hearts Seniors who made this event possible.

The garage is finally complete!
Encouraging the seniors at West Bend that this still have a lot to offer!

More Answered Prayer

After 22 years in the Northwoods, we finally built a garage last fall. So far, all the labor has been done by volunteers. We have been praying for someone to offer to side it since then. Praise God, our home church (Calvary Bible Church) offered to pay for the labor to get that done! We have also had several new donations since our last update.

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Keep Us in Your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we travel and reach more people for Christ: 

  • We are at 56% of funding for this year! Pray for new donors to help us reach our funding goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses (or $150,000/annually).
  • We are waiting on some important documentation from the IRS. It’s supposed to take 6 months, it’s now been 5. Pray that it comes soon!
  • Pray for the health of our team. Satan always seems to attack me physically (fall down the stairs, severe migraine last weekend). Pray that Satan would not interfere.
  • Pray for Charlotte as juggles school and working for E4F.
Executive Director