Complete & Operational, October Ministry Updates

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Complete & Operational

The studio is complete and operational! We have begun to record new content, but not at the pace we had planned. I have several speaking events that require preparation so for now, the recording has taken a back seat. I spent a week at Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center teaching the Trailhead students (a gap year work-study program). What a terrific group of young men and women. They have a real hunger to learn. I was teaching them about the correlation between the burnt offerings of the Old Testament with the command to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind in the New Testament. One of the girls was so flabbergasted by this new knowledge, she shrieked out right in the middle of the lesson. I am looking forward to returning in October for another week of classes. I also had the opportunity to return to Fort Wilderness for Margo Fiesler’s women’s retreat. I taught two sessions on The Creator God providing evidence for a creator as well as literal 24-hour days of creation. The women absolutely loved it and wanted more. They have already invited me back for next year.

Speaking at Fort Wilderness on evidence for our Creator God and days of Creation.

We have introduced a new video series called Creation Clues. Through these shorter videos, you will learn about God through creation. The first one is on lichens and is getting lots of “likes” and positive comments. The second one is called Logic & Design in Nature. A retired schoolteacher has watched both of them and thought they were very “enjoyable”. The Ipuwer video continues to be the most viewed with over 30K views in one week. We have also been averaging about a dozen new subscribers daily.

What Lichens teach us about the Holy Spirit [Creation Clues] | 19 min

Lichens are a remarkable and unique specimen found all around the world, including your own backyard! Its design is a great example for Christians to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our own life. Join Michael as we learn about this amazing creature and be encouraged in your walk with God! Creation Clues…

Logic & Design in Nature for evidence of God [Creation Clues] | 37 min

In this episode of Creation Clues we are looking at the concept of logic and design in nature and how it can show evidence of God. The dominant secular view is that everything came into existence by random chance. But does random create patterns and order? We know and can test that intelligence creates patterns…

Upcoming Events

  • 2023 Open House – We will be hosting an Open House November 5th, 2-5 pm, for anyone in the area who would like to swing by to see our new home and studio, to learn more about E4F, and of course, enjoy some fellowship and treats.
  • 2023 Local Homeschool Event – Michael will be presenting an event for homeschoolers at West Bend Community Church November 8th, 2-3:30 pm
  • 2024 Marine Biology Program– The dates are March 28-April 6. We have accepted 16 applicants and have room for 9 more. Hurry and reserve your spot today!!
  • 2025 Israel Trip– The itinerary has been set, dates look to be January 8-20, 2025, and final details are being secured. If you are interested, go to the website, and put your name on the waiting list so you can be notified of when registration opens.

Marine Biology

Trip Details & Deadlines DATES: March 28 to April 6, 2024COST: $2,050Travel to and from Miami Airport is not included. See deadlines for when to book your flights.AGES: 14 and up (must be at least in grade 9)WHERE: Florida Keys A $250 deposit is required upon application. If you are not accepted your deposit will…

Israel Biblical Archaeology Tour

Dates: January 8-20, 2025 Cost: $TBD (airfare to and back from Israel NOT included) Registration: TBA Already signed up? Help us promote the trip! Join Michael Lane and Archeologist Dr. Steven Notley for a journey through Biblical History! For the past several years Michael & Dr. Steven have partnered with the help of Emmaus Journeys…

Perks of living in Kewaskum

For those of you who may not have heard the main reason we chose to relocate to Kewaskum, it’s FAMILY! Heather & Tom with their 6 kids are 30 minutes away, Amanda & Jason with their 2 are about 20 minutes from us, and Michaela & Ethan with their 2 new foster daughters live only 10 minutes away. (They had these sisters, ages 5&6, placed with them at the end of August. It has been challenging from time to time.) We have been blessed to share several family dinners already and Denise has had many opportunities to babysit and provide support. Michaela posted one of her perks – “I can randomly swing by my parents’ house to vent about my children’s behavior and my mom gives me chocolate cake for breakfast. So thankful to have them here to support us through this! God’s timing is perfect.” 😊 We have also been blessed by the church family we have chosen to worship with.

Hiking with Grandma at a local park.

Change of Address

If you are having your gifts mailed to us, please remember to change the address! The new address is: 349 Knights Ave Kewaskum WI 53040.

Keep Us in Your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring the Truth to this broken world:

  • We have had two new additions to our team of monthly donors and another very generous one-time gift!
  • Praise God for the timing of our move and all the special family times we have already shared!
  • Thank you, Lord, for expanding our ministry!
  • Pray for new opportunities. Maybe you know someone who would be interested in booking an event.
  • Pray for more funding to help us reach our monthly goal of $12,500 to cover salaries and operating expenses! We currently are at 65%. Please consider partnering with us.

Thank you for your prayers! May God’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you!

Executive Director