What Lichens teach us about the Holy Spirit [Creation Clues] | 19 min

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Lichens are a remarkable and unique specimen found all around the world, including your own backyard! Its design is a great example for Christians to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our own life. Join Michael as we learn about this amazing creature and be encouraged in your walk with God!

Creation Clues is an ongoing segment to help Christians know God through studying His handiwork in the world around us. This segment’s primary focus is on the crossroad between science, faith, and the Bible. Join us as we get to know our Creator through His Creation!

Developed & Hosted by Michael Lane (Executive Director). Production & Editing by Charlotte Fohner (Creative Director).

ADDITIONAL CREDITS: Drone footage by Washington County, WI (August 2019) | Photos from Unsplash.com by James Coleman, Scott Osborn, Alexander Grey, Wolfgang Hasselmann, Nyusha Svoboda, Patrick Hendry, Jeffrey Hamilton, Patrick Hendry, Alexey Melechin, Elise Vermeer, Dana Davis, Markus Spiske, Blake Weyland, David Clode, David Birozy, Jesper Mindru, Pamela Heckel, Minna Autio | Art & photography from Wikipedia.org/Wikimedia.org by Barbara Page(Public Domain), Bien52 (CC BY 2.5), HH58 (CC BY-SA 4.0), Kelvinsong (CC BY-SA 3.0), Ed Uebel (CC BY-SA 3.0), & Nefronus (CC BY-SA 4.0) | Additional photos by NASA & the National Park Service (James Walton & Nina Chambers) | Stock Music provided by ikoliks, from Pond5