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The definition of SOS is an urgent appeal for help. We are sending out an SOS to all of you!! E4F is a support raising ministry and after three months into our second year we are only at 55% of our monthly goal of $12,500 to cover salaries and operating expenses. That means we are currently bringing in about $6800 and salaries alone are over $8200. We are grateful that we have been able to cover our expenses so far with the excess we received during our first year. So, if you believe in what we are doing, please pray and consider partnering with us by becoming a monthly donor. If you can’t swing a monthly donation, we also appreciate one-time gifts. There are several ways you can give – through PayPal using a credit card, set up bill pay through your bank, EFT, or simply make out a check and drop it in the mail. Any gift is tax deductible. We can’t do this on our own – we need YOU!!


Our plans for recording videos and podcasts were put on hold for several weeks as Charlotte, Denise, and I took turns being sick. Charlotte started it, then Denise, followed by me. I ended up with a severe ear infection, laryngitis, and pneumonia and am still recovering. We hope to be back in the studio next week. Actually, the next video series we plan to shoot will be on the Armor of God and will be shot outside. (The studio lighting would reflect badly off the armor.) I spoke twice at Living Stones Fellowship in Stevens Point, had to cancel one in Conover, taught three times to the high school students participating in Fort Wilderness’ LAB experience, and I did a presentation on Marine Biology for the Rhinelander District Library at Nicolet. I also had the privilege of baptizing a dear friend at Fort.

Upcoming events

The October fall tour is coming together with stops in NH, VA, TN, possibly FL and wraps up back in WI. There is nothing definitely set yet for the November tour, but something exciting is in the works. Come with us to Israel and see firsthand the places you read about in your Bible. There are 20 registered and we’re shooting for 40. The details are available on the website. We also have the dates set for the 2023 Marine Bio trip, April 6-15. We are still working with the motel to get the room rates finalized so we can determine the cost. Go to the website and put your name on the wait list to be notified when we have those details figured out.

Keep Us in Your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

  • We need you to help us reach our goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses! Please consider supporting us.
  • Praise God for the faithful donors already giving, putting us at 55% of our goal!
  • Details for the tours to be set in place.
  • We need more to register for Israel.
  • Motel rates need to be finalized so we can set the cost for Marine Biology 2023.
  • July downloads have surpassed June by 135 downloads (for a total of 821)!!

Thank you for your prayers! Love and Blessings to you all!

Executive Director