Is the Old Testament Reliable? & more…

For the last several weeks Michael has been teaching an apologetics series at West Bend Community Church in West Bend, Wisconsin. The last session will be this Wednesday, February 2nd, on Jesus and what is known about Him outside of the Bible. This series covers a lot of archeological evidence! In case you missed it, previous sessions are being made available via the church’s YouTube channel (use this link to also sign up to the last class!):

Enjoy the first session on the reliability of the Old Testament here:

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  1. YM Rosales says:

    In all your research on the bible and Jesus Christ’s existence on earth, have you been asked if there’s any validity between the bible , UFO’s and extraterrestrial beings? There appears to be a lot of articles on this topic.


    1. That has not been a common question as far as we have experienced. There’s an incredible amount of speculation around UFOs (as to their nature and if they are man-made or not) so it would be difficult to write accurately about them in the first place. Our focus is to help people relate Science, History and Archeology to the Bible so they can better understand it. Our content is always designed around evidence you can test and see for yourself. UFOs don’t currently fit that profile so I doubt we will specifically write about UFOs in the near future. – Charlotte


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