On the Road Again

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My first event for 2022 was at Faith Community Church in Waupaca. The pastor there is starting a series on Genesis. He gave an intro and then asked me to kick it off. I spoke during the service and the Sunday school hour using two of the lessons from our Creation Seminar. I travelled to Community Church in West Bend on the 19th & 26th and will be there again on February 2nd for the final lesson on apologetics. The first two nights were on the reliability of the Old and New Testaments, and I will conclude with non-biblical evidence of Jesus. I spoke to the Soul Sisters at Fort Wilderness this past weekend. They are a lady’s group from the LaCrosse area that I have spoken to for years. They asked me to do my archaeology sessions on evidence of The Exodus. I’m back to teaching the TruNorth students at Fort on a weekly basis through March. They want me to teach as many classes as we can fit on the schedule.


Several of the TruNorth students have shared with me recently that I have been the one that has had the most influence on their spiritual life.

One of the Soul Sisters said, “You always provide such interesting proof for even greater faith in God’s Word.” 

I am so grateful to have these opportunities to be used by God “in order that they may know the mystery of God”. (Colossians 2:3)

Help us get the word out!

We are still looking for students for the 2022 Marine Biology trip. Application deadline is February 28th. Some limited scholarships are available. Click for more info.

Abundantly blessed

After launching this ministry, a little over eight months ago, God has blessed us with 68.5% of our monthly goal of $12,500! Thank you to those of you who thought of E4F with an end of the year gift in 2021! In 2022, we have already added another monthly partner and received a generous one-time gift!

Keep us in your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

  • We are at 68.5% of funding for a month! Pray for new donors to help us reach our funding goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses.
  • Our paperwork is still being processed!! Pray that it gets processed quickly!
  • Continue to pray for the health of our team with all the illness that seems to be going around.
  • Pray for all the details of the Marine Bio trip and especially for students to register. We are currently only at 8. We are praying for at least 12.
  • Pray for Charlotte as she is back in school and prioritizes her “to do” list.

Thank you for your prayers! Love and Blessings to you all!

Executive Director