My Favorite Things About Marine Biology

If you’re still wondering if this trip is right for you, read what this student had to say about the trip. Joie has been a first year and second year research student!

These were my favorite things about the Marine Biology trip:

Getting up close with sea life at Aquarium Encounters

Visiting Aquarium Encounters

  • Having the lectures there with the fish we’re talking about in the tank behind us.
  • Watching the kids swimming in the tank
  • Classifying stuff we see less often
Praise and worship under the coconut trees

Worship and Bible talks

  • The worship is so enthusiastic and meaningful.
  • The Bible talks always teach me things I didn’t know before. No matter how many times I join the trip.
A typical lecture


  • Every excursion is an adventure, whether it be by trying to get to our location or an adventure in the ocean.
  • Watching people fall in love with the ocean is so exciting.
  • The animals we catch and bring back are fantastic!
  • Reef day is the best!  We can see the fish and corals up close.
Exploring the reef!


Volleyball is always so much fun.  It’s a fun physical break after a long day of work.

Volleyball can get competitive in the evenings!

Work time

Classifying is hard and we spend a LOT of time doing it, but the one thing you hear everyone saying on the last day as we’re saying goodbye is “I miss classifying with you.”  Because while we are working hard, we are laughing a lot of the time, whether it be about our terrible drawings, or interesting observations about our specimens, we have so much fun!

Learning to classify

Studying for the test is also a lot of work, and I’m always so proud of my group.  They always learn so much in such a short time and work so hard.

Application deadline is February 28th!