Season 3 has landed with new biblical archaeology videos and bible study!

We are kicking off the 2023 season of content with some biblical archaeology and a brand new bible study! In the first part of January, during our Israel tour, Michael and I took advantage of our time to record 15 short videos on the archaeological evidence that confirm the biblical record in the old city of Jerusalem. These videos are being posted weekly on Monday and Friday on our video channels and right here on the website under the Jerusalem Files (Biblical Archaeology) course page.

Discover Biblical Archaeology in Jerusalem

The first two videos of the biblical archaeology series cover Hezekiah’s broad wall, and King David’s Tomb. In each video Michael takes you through the scripture references and explains what you are looking at to help reconstruct an idea of what things would have looked like. Some of these places have changed a lot over time due to damage and can be easy to miss! The next video in the series will cover the discovery of the Silver Scrolls, an important artifact we have covered in previous lessons on the accuracy of the Bible. The silver scrolls video will premiere on Friday at 6:00 PM.

The lessons in this series will be 20 minutes in length or less so they can be easily shared online or viewed as part of your small group bible study (or even at church!). The purpose of this series is to equip you with the evidence you need to better understand scripture and trust that what God says is true. The Bible is not a book of myths and fictional characters, these were real people!

As this video series is best viewed with the video, the audio portion will not be published to the podcast. However since we know many enjoy listening to our audio lessons, we have also prepared a new audio Bible study to for the 2023 season kick off.

Revisit the famous John 15 passage with our new Bible Study

Our new Bible study will cover the famous passage of John 15:1-11 called “Abide In Me.” Besides being a popular piece of scripture to stick on mugs and motivational art posters, this is Jesus’ last lesson to his disciples before He heads to the cross. This study will be a deep dive on the details of Jesus’ last lesson. There are 6 episodes in total and you can listen to the first two lessons in this series today on the Abide In Me course page, or on your favorite podcast player. New episodes in this bible study series will publish every Wednesday at 6:00 PM over the next few weeks.

How to get notified of new content this year

There is more exciting content in store for 2023 but I won’t spoil it here. You can get on the email list to get notified of new content as soon as it’s published (select “New Content” under notifications you would like to receive). These emails are sent every time we publish something new.

Michael will also be on the road in the Wisconsin region this season if you want to catch him live. You can look up directions for upcoming events on our Events Calendar. In the meantime, enjoy 2023 and I will see you on the next episode!

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