It’s a Pirate’s life for me!

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My chronic laryngitis kept us on hold for a few more weeks. I ended up having to see an ENT who prescribed a super strong antibiotic which did the trick. Finally, by mid-August we were able to get some recordings done. We completed two series, Archaeology of Daniel (videos) and Keep the Fires Burning (podcasts). We are working on putting the lessons from Keep the Fires Burning into a book. The next video series on the list is the Armor of God. This month I have spoken at God’s Gathering Place twice (Denise led the praise time) and was the speaker for the Stevens Point area homeschool Kickoff. I came dressed as a pirate and spoke on the history of pirates and related how they were offered pardons to us being offered salvation. One evening we opened our home for a “Lane Night” to past TruNorth students who were serving at Fort for the summer. It was great to spend some time with them, kind of like a reunion. 😊

Teaching about Pirates and Salvation at a homeschool event kickoff in Stevens Point.


We had an incredible response to our SOS, the first one coming in just hours after the message was sent out!! We added three new monthly donors and received eight one-time gifts. We were so encouraged and thank God for each of YOU, as well as those already giving. We moved from 55% to 60% of our monthly goal. THANK YOU!!


  • “I just thought I would share with you all that I am so thankful for what you are doing. I have learned so much since starting to listen to various lessons on your YouTube channel. Not just in the content but understanding how to understand the Word of God. I just wrote two paragraphs of notes on a single verse in my Bible study!”
  • One member of God’s Gathering Place told me that the sermon I gave on John 4:21-24 was the best he’d ever heard. He wanted my notes so he could share them with his wife.

Check out the latest episode in Archaeology of Daniel!

E4F Travels

  • Details for the October fall tour are being finalized. Events in NH, PA, TN, and WI are a go, Boston and FL may be added to the schedule.
  • We have 21 signed up for the Israel trip January 4-16, 2023. We plan to open it up to students from Nyack College, so if you have been putting off registering, you may want to do it sooner rather than later.
  • The cost has been set and applications are being accepted for the 2023 Marine Bio trip, April 6-15. Find all the details on the website. As you all well know, the cost of everything has gone up significantly (lodging, food, fuel). So, the students don’t have to incur all that expense, we are looking for sponsors to off set $10K. If you or your business would be interested in making a tax-deductible donation, contact Denise – All sponsors will receive a Marine Bio t-shirt with the sponsors listed on the back.

Keep Us in Your Prayers

Keep us in your Prayers
Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

  • We need you to help us reach our goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses! Please consider supporting us.
  • Praise God for all the responses to our SOS! And those already giving!
  • Details for the tours to be set in place.
  • We need more to register for Israel.
  • Applications are being accepted for Marine Bio, 3 have already registered!
  • Michael’s health – he still has a few issues being diagnosed.
  • Charlotte starts her last semester of school next week.

Thank you for your prayers! Love and Blessings to you all!

Executive Director