Studio, Lights, Camera!

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Dear Friends & Family

In the last three weeks we have been able to move past the large construction stages of the studio! You can view the first camera test and the complete studio update in our video below.

Thank you to everyone who has helped meet our needs! There are still a few finishing touches to add but we are now able to record our online lessons with minimal editing. We plan to publish our first lessons soon! Look out for a special email in the next few weeks.

Keep Us in Your Prayers!

We have had excellent conversations at every event with people encouraged and challenged to dig deeper in their faith. Pray for their continued growth. We look forward to serving many local churches and various groups this year. Wherever the Lord is willing to send us, we will go. I will even be guest teaching for private homeschool groups this fall! You can see our latest bookings information below and pray for us as we travel around the Midwest:

Continue to pray for the health of our team and financial provision, patience, and wisdom in the process. We are hopeful for the future and thankful that you are on this journey with us.

Executive Director