Studio Update: Drywall is In!

Update on the Studio from April 29th, 2021


Hello friends it’s Michael Lane with Evidence 4 faith, a new ministry just getting ready to launch, and speaking of that launching I am coming to you right now from the basement of my house which is where Evidence 4 Faith is going to be operating from. But I am sort of — you might be thinking ‘this is a very drab room.’ THIS IS THE STUDIO! This is it! It’s drywalled! As of yesterday two dear friends of mine, Paul Ziolkowski and Brian Lutz, came over and they drywalled this, and so, we have the electricity now in here. We have also the drywall up. There’s furniture — we’ve still got things to put in here — we have furniture to come in here, we have a computers, we have monitors, cameras, lighting, etc… there’s a lot to do yet. Sound foam that goes over the drywall so that the sound doesn’t sound as weird as it is right now, of course my voice is sort of weird anyway. But anyway i wanted to show you what we’re doing! And just give you an update that we’re we’ve got the studio, it’s being built and it’s about ready to launch in here as soon as all the stuff gets here, hopefully we’ll have it all going very soon.

But you know there’s always a starting point. And in any type of ministry or any type of aspect in life you have a starting point. For instance if i show you this little plaque here, actually it’s a frame piece as you can see, and it’s got some pieces here of papyrus. Now this is a copy the originals and museum. But these are actual copies from what’s called the P39 Manuscript. What the — now you might be thinking ‘what in the world is that?’ — It’s actually a copy of John 8:14-22. It’s in the greek. This has been tested in many different types of arenas by different experts. It comes — dates all the way back to about 200 A.D which is amazing because some people say today that Jesus was never worshipped as God, never, some people say Jesus never existed, but here is a manuscript from 200 A.D, and it’s on the Gospel of John, John’s Gospel right on here, and this is the passage it’s talking about Jesus is the Light of the world. And this is an amazing discovery that was found, and this is just a phenomenal piece, and it shows that Jesus Christ is being talked about in 200 A.D and it is the Gospel of John.

Some people say that these gospels were written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years later after Constantine’s reign as the the first christian emperor the Roman Empire, some even say some of these weren’t around, the gospels didn’t come into being until in the middle ages. Well this shows that is totally wrong because this has been tested to be found to be around 200 A.D, give or take a few years of course, but the actual wording that you find on this manuscript is exactly what we see in like an Interlinear Bible or a New American Standard Bible. There’s no change in doctrine. Jesus is claiming to be the Light of the world. This started off as just a piece of papyrus. And it had to be pounded out and and flattened and made into a paper-like product, and then the ink had to be formed and it had to be written on, and it just wasn’t a little child just making scribble marks, it was somebody who actually was copying from John’s Gospel, another copy of it, and copying this one to have another copy. The printing press hadn’t been invented yet. But there’s a starting point for everything. This started off just as plans but now it has the Word of God actually written on it. How cool is that!

And I mean we are so blessed that we can pick up the Word of God right in our own homes, in our hands and sit and read it, these 66 love letters from God, and I hope you do that. But I just want to give you a little update here of where we’re at, what’s going on, and soon i’ll show you another update with more details, hopefully God willing in here, with furniture and we’ll start getting the lighting and the sound and everything just right. So thanks so much for joining. Continue to pray for us at Evidence 4 Faith as we’re getting ready to to launch this, and also if you would be interested in having me come do workshops presentations at churches, schools, universities groups, whatever, I am available. Please contact me: and give me a holler and we’ll get started i would love to come and talk to you about this. Until then, God bless. Bye-bye.