Studio Update: Carpet, Electrical & Furniture!

Update from the Studio, shot on May 14th, 2021


Hi there! This is Michael Lane again, giving you an update on what’s going on with Evidence 4 Faith, our new ministry. And I am speaking from — I know the sound is really poor in here right now, but I am speaking to you form what will be the studio. The drywall as you can see is up, as I am walking around in here. Oh! Just look what’s behind me now! There’s actually a door! How about that! We have a door. And we are starting to put furniture in here. We have a table sitting here. If you take a look you can see that. Oh! Do you notice too? We have carpeting! Wow! And so there’s a lot of work that stills needs to be done here. There’s no question about that. But we are working on it, you know and starting a ministry like this takes time and it also takes a lot of money to get things started. It’s like starting a business or anything, you’ve got to have money to you put things into. So we are putting this together. We’re trying to get this ministry up and running, and, so that people will be impacted spiritually and eternally for the glory of God. That’s the whole purpose of this as I just wanted to give you an update. I had some great friends come by. They put the carpet in, installed the door, got the electricity going — we have electricity, we have light! We have to get some more stuff in here yet: the foam that goes on the wall to make it sound like I’m not speaking form the inside of a tomb.

And speaking of such, things are really discovered inside of some of the most bizarre places. Back in 1979, Dr Gabriel Barkay, who is a very famous archeologist in Israel, He was doing a dig on the west side of Jerusalem and he came across with the help of a little boy — who was actually sometimes getting in his way — he was working, this little boy was working inside of a tomb that they thought they had already cleared out. But he went in there and broke through, accidentally broke through the floor of this tomb, and found two little scrolls. And this is a replica of one of them. And it’s called, they’re commonly called the ‘Silver Scrolls.’ They are made of silver. And they’re silver scrolls. And they actually date back from before the time of King Hezekiah. You know some people will tell me that the Bible was not written down on anything until well after the Babylonian exile. And that it was all done by oral tradition. The Holy Scriptures were never put on scrolls. Well, and some professors even say that ancient Hebrews didn’t have a written language until after the Babylonian captivity. Well explain this then. Because what this is, on this one scroll here, we have what is called the ‘Priestly Prayer.’ And the ‘Priestly Prayer’ is found, what’s written on this scroll is found also in our Bibles. In chapter 6 of the book of Numbers, [verses] 24 through 26 and it’s a very familiar passage: “The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord hath his face shine upon you.” That beautiful passage is inscribed on this silver on this little scroll. This one here is the actual size of the scroll. This one here is an enlargement showing the inscription.But that was found inside of a little tomb also, sort of like where I’m speaking to you from right now.

But, anyway, I just wanted to show you what’s going on, the updates and stuff! I’m gettin ready to go off in in just a couple hours, I’m leaving for Illinois to go speak down there. And I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that we’re still working on this and we’re hoping to get more people to jump on this ministry. It costs money to get a ministry started up. We’re also looking for places to have me come and speak, Once we have the studio set up, we will be doing podcasts. I’m just so excited about this whole thing. And hopefully many of you will be excited just with me. And maybe some others will think ‘Well, let me help with this. Let me help get the Word of God out to people and let them see that the Word of God is true.’ Because Evidence 4 Faith is showing the Word of God is true, Jesus Christ is Lord using science, history, archeology, logic, and doing Bible studies and so on. So we have these components as we study the truth of the Gospel. So thanks for joining me on this little update. Take care and God bless!