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Keep the Fires Burning

Keep the Fires Burning is a Bible Study series of the minor characters of the Bible that can teach us major lessons. Each episode will introduce you to a new character and help you understand why they are mentioned. You might have met some of these characters in your life recently. You might find that you have a lot more in common with these characters in your own walk of faith.

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Archaeology of Daniel | 16-22 min

Many critics and skeptics of the Bible like to focus on the Book of Daniel, citing this book as some of the best evidence that the Bible is false. Throughout this series we will look at the evidence that supports this amazing book. Introduction: the Skeptics (22 min) This introduction addresses the seven skeptical claims…

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Give Me a Reason to Believe: Evidence Through Science | 40 min

Related Courses Dig Deeper with our courses on Science and the Bible! This series examines the relationship between different disciplines of Science and the Bible and the arguments surrounding this topic. Each episode will take you through a different scientific field and compare the scientific record against the biblical record on different science phenomena and…

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Give Me a Reason To Believe: Evidence Through History | 43 min

Related Activities Come with us to Israel and see the evidence for yourself! Michael Lane and archeologist Dr. Steven Notley will be guiding you through different sites where biblical history happened and help you understand the history contained in the Scriptures. Space is limited, sign up today! There has never been one provable archaeological discovery that…

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Israel Biblical Archaeology Tour

Join us January 4th-16th, 2023 on a journey through biblical history! Bible Scholar Michael Lane & archaeologist Dr. Steven Notley are partnering again to help believers understand how historical and archeological evidence align with the Biblical record.

Upcoming Events

2022 Biblical Apologetics Tour

We are excited to announce our very first speaking tour! And we are looking for hosts! We are putting together an apologetics event that addresses evidence for Biblical History, the Bible, and its accuracy. The event is about 2 to 2.5 hours in length and is a great opportunity for outreach and for families to engage in science and history in relation to their faith.

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The definition of SOS is an urgent appeal for help. We are sending out an SOS to all of you!! E4F is a support raising ministry and after three months into our second year we are only at 55% of our monthly goal of $12,500 to cover salaries and operating expenses. That means we are…

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Get the Word out!

Over the past weekend I asked a friend if she would do a Bible Study with me based on the Keep The Fires Burning Bible Study series Michael and I have been recording. We picked two characters and read their stories before plugging in the podcast to help in our study. This simple Bible study…

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Keep the Fires Burning! Course Update

We have been updating our Keep The Fires Burning series bi-weekly as we wait on some artifacts to come in for our Daniel series. There are now 10 episodes available in Keep the Fires Burning, a study of minor characters of the Bible that can teach us major lessons! Check out some of the newest…

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