July Ministry Updates: Preparing for the BIG move!

News Brief

This update is going to be brief for two reasons. First of all, there hasn’t been much happening with the ministry in the past month. And secondly, we bought a home, so we are very busy packing up 24 years of “stuff” to make the move to Kewaskum. (More details to follow.) I had an incredible time teaching at Fort Wilderness’ LAB, a three-week discipleship program for high school students. They were so eager to learn and had so many questions. I taught three different lessons – Is the Bible Reliable, How to do a Bible Study, and Christology (who is Jesus). However, most of the questions revolved around creation vs. evolution. I provided them with evidence for a six-day creation that many of them had never heard before. Some of them went away with lots to think about. I did another lesson on the book of John for God’s Gathering Place. I sure love that family of believers! They’d like me to continue coming as often as I am available, several offered to put us up whenever we come.

We passed 1000 downloads for the month of June!! I just completed recording a 9-part podcast on a study from 1 Samuel on David’s Guide to Biblical Leadership. The first lesson was just launched on Monday. Check it out!

David’s Guide to Leadership (Biblical Leadership) | 31-43 min

When it comes to Biblical leadership, or how to qualify church leadership, books like Nehemiah or 1 Timothy might come to mind. Lessons on Christian leadership can also be found in the book of 1 Samuel, following the story of David. This series will examine the early life of David where we can find many…

$100 Off Extended on Marine Biology 2024!

We have extended the Early Bird Special of $100 off when you apply until September 30th! Eight people have already taken advantage of this deal. The dates are March 28-April 6, 2024. So don’t wait, go to the website to complete your application!

Do you know a student who should be on this trip? Share the webpage with them!

Marine Biology

Trip Details & Deadlines DATES: March 28 to April 6, 2024COST: $2,050 – SAVE $100 BY APPLYING BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30, 2023!Travel to and from Miami Airport is not included. See deadlines for when to book your flights.AGES: 14 and up (must be at least in grade 9)WHERE: Florida Keys A $250 deposit is required upon…

Changes ahead

We found a home and have an accepted offer!! God willing, we will be moving to Kewaskum the last week of July. God has definitely been going before us with the way so many details have fallen into place. Since the ministry is running from our home, that means E4F is moving too. We will be converting one of the bedrooms into a studio. Please pray for the funds and manpower necessary to get it up and running. At least we won’t be starting from scratch like the first time. If you are mailing your donations, be sure to take notice of the address change and notify your bank if your checks are being sent automatically. We will take care of the changes needed to be made with PayPal and Stripe. THANK YOU to those already giving; 55% of our monthly goal is already coming in!

New Address: 349 Knights Ave Kewaskum WI 53040 – effective July 31st
Our new home waiting for us in Kewaskum.

We’re at 65% of monthly support:

Keep us in your Prayers!

Please continue to pray for us as we bring the Truth to this lost world:

  • We closed on our home 6/30 and have bought a new one!
  • Praise God – people are listening to the podcasts!!
  • Pray for all the details involved in relocating our home and ministry.
  • WE NEED YOU as we are beginning our third yearto help us reach our monthly goal of $12,500 to cover salaries and operating expenses!Please consider partnering with us with your donations; monthly, one-time, and speaking events.

Thank you for your prayers! May God’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you!

Executive Director