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Why are there different Bible translations? | 22 min

Why are there different Bible translations? Is there one better than the other? Is there a correct Bible translation? Why so many different Bibles? This course will cover 20 different Bible translations, how we got them, how they were developed, and what their utility is, so you can be better equipped in your Bible studies.…

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Abide In Me: John 15 (7-32 min)

John 15:1-11 is a popular section of scripture that you may have heard in a Sunday morning service or used in a Bible study. We often remember the picture of grapes on a vine or the main line “Abide in Me,” but have you ever stopped to look at the details of what Jesus is…

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The Jerusalem Files (Biblical Archaeology) | 8-19 min

Need evidence for the Bible? Let’s go to Jerusalem! This video series contains short biblical archaeology lessons based around the city of Jerusalem. Join us as we travel around the city looking at some neat archaeological finds! Hezekiah’s Broad Wall (8 min) Isaiah 2:10 and Nehemiah 3:8 both make references to Jerusalem’s “Broad Wall.” It…

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Keep the Fires Burning

Keep the Fires Burning is a Bible Study series of the minor characters of the Bible that can teach us major lessons. Each episode will introduce you to a new character and help you understand why they are mentioned. You might have met some of these characters in your life recently. You might find that you have a lot more in common with these characters in your own walk of faith.

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March Ministry Newsletter: In the full swing of ministry!

Running the Race: Evidence 4 Faith back on the road After returning from Israel, we hit the ground running. I spent two Sundays at Living Stones Fellowship in Stevens Point, one weekend at Fort Wilderness speaking for the Soul Sisters’ retreat, and one weekend at New Glarus Bible Church presenting a five session conference on…

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New Glarus Free Biblical Archaeology Conference Feb 26-27

This weekend we will be at New Glarus Bible Church in New Glarus, WI, for a free Biblical Archaeology Conference. This conference will cover topics such as evidence for the accuracy of the Bible, biblical characters, events, and history. Join us as Michael Lane brings the Bible to life through this free and local biblical…

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