March ministry updates: God’s abundant goodness

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Cool artifacts

Since our last update, I spoke again at God’s Gathering Place and taught the TruNorth students three times. The weekend of March 4th-6th, I was at Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center for Walnut Hill Bible Church’s youth retreat. I have spoken to them for years and was thrilled to be able to do it again. The youth pastor told me that a lot of the kids are struggling with anxiety/stress and whether the Bible is actually true. My sessions addressed both. One student told me that she would incorporate singing to help handle stress and anxiety like it instructs us to do in Psalms. I had many artifacts to use as evidence which they thought were pretty cool. Many of them said they had no idea there was so much evidence for the truth of the Bible. On Saturday, March 12th, a church in Davis, IL hosted a seminar in which I was the speaker. There were two sessions, one on the reliability of the Bible and the other on Science and the Bible. In between, there was lunch and a Bible trivia game. I headed up one team and went up against the pastor and his team. It was rigged so the pastor would lose. 😊  I had so much fun and was blessed by being there. Afterwards, someone said that they were surprised there is so much science in the Bible and that it’s all true. They also were amazed by the cool artifacts.

Celebrating God’s abundant goodness

February 22nd (2-22-22) was a remarkable day! We finally received our paperwork from the IRS!! That same day, another student registered for the Marine Bio trip, we received a $500 donation plus two new monthly supporters, one at $50/month and the other $500/month!! We have had several other very generous gifts over the past few weeks which put us at 87% of our monthly goal! GOD IS GOOD!!

E4F under the sea

There most likely will not be another update until after the Marine Biology trip. However, Charlotte will be posting lots of pictures throughout the week, so, stay tuned. As you pray for our trip, here are a few specific requests: safety, health, good weather, flights/transportation, gas prices would come down, we would qualify for FL tax exemption, bonding, and that God would work in the lives of the students.

Keep us in your Prayers

Please continue to pray for us as we bring truth to this lost world:

  • We are at 87% of funding for a month! Praise God for new donors that have helped us move closer to our funding goal of $12,500/month to cover salaries and operating expenses.
  • PTL! Our paperwork has arrived!! Thank you for your persistent praying!
  • Continue to pray for the health of our team.
  • Pray for the Marine Bio trip, April 14th -23rd.  (See specifics above)
  • Charlotte’s rent just increased by $90/month. Pray for her as she seeks direction.

Thank you for your prayers! Love and Blessings to you all!

Executive Director