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About E4F

CONTACT US: For general inquiries or bookings, contact or (715)490-6677. Our mailing address is 349 Knights Ave Kewaskum WI 53040.


Evidence4Faith was founded in May 2021 by Michael Lane with the help of his wife, Denise, graphic designer, Charlotte Fohner, and business consultants at Better Wealth, Caleb and April Guilliams. E4F is a non-profit ministry that seeks to point people to God through science, history, and scripture. E4F designs resources to teach and train individuals in apologetics through our four pillars: History, Science, The Bible and Truth. These resources include weekly podcasts, books, online courses, adventure trips and live events independently hosted by local groups and churches.

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What We Believe

We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ His only Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and everything written in the original autograph is historically and scientifically accurate. 

We believe in an eternal God who created ex nihilo.

We believe in a literal 6-day Creation account, based upon reason and faith.

We believe that whatever biological changes have occurred since the creation week have accomplished only changes within created kinds of organisms.

We believe that death entered the cosmos as a result of sin.

We believe in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection as payment for our sin. 

We believe that Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

We believe that salvation is by grace through faith alone.

CONTACT US: For general inquiries or bookings, contact or (715)490-6677. Our mailing address is 349 Knights Ave Kewaskum WI 53040.

Our Staff

Evidence 4 Faith employs two full-time staff members and two volunteer part-time members:

  • Michael Lane, Founder and Executive Director
  • Charlotte Fohner, Creative and Technical Director
  • Denise Lane, Executive Assistant
  • April Guilliams, Outreach Specialist

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Michael Teaching on the Book Of Jonah at Riverside Bible Camp

About Michael Lane

Michael is the main speaker for Evidence4Faith. His resume includes many roles such as Science Teacher, Curriculum Writer, Biologist, Marine Biologist, Microbiologist, Archeology Researcher, Author and Thespian.

CONTACT US: For general inquiries or bookings, contact or (715)490-6677. Our mailing address is 349 Knights Ave Kewaskum WI 53040.

Interview Topics

Michael Lane can be interviewed on a wide variety of biblical archeology and science topics (see Speaking Topics). Some other discussions of interest include:

  • Examining the Evidence: How Michael’s research in fisheries genetics lead him from Evolutionary Biology to Creationism
  • The Doctrinal Foundation of Creationism: Why Churches should not adopt Theistic Evolution as an interpretation of Genesis 1-11
  • God is also the God of Science: How Christians can embrace the pursuit of science without compromising their biblical beliefs
  • The Bible is Real: How archeology discoveries support the Biblical Narrative
  • Not A Fairy Tale: Why Biblical History should be taught as history and not myths
  • The Resurrections Problem: Why we can believe in the resurrections using logic and not just blind faith
  • Problems with Darwinian Evolution: How many core tenets of evolution have been put to the test and failed thanks to new discoveries and a better understanding of the world
  • Practical Faith: Teaching apologetics to teens
  • Life as a Missionary: Michael’s journey from rebellious teen to scientist to full-time missionary.

Speaking Topics

Michael can teach on a variety of topics and themes that fit and/or combine our 4 pillars (History, Science, The Bible, Truth). Michael has written a large library of lessons that can be adapted for short and long formats (one-time sessions to multi-day workshops).

Sample Sessions

Any lesson published in our online courses or podcast can be adapted for a live audience.

Michael’s sessions are highly interactive

Michael’s Complete Biography

Michael hails from the Southside of Chicago and graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in 1979. He moved to the Bahamas and taught Bahamian history and science in a private Christian school. While there he met Denise, another teacher at the same school and they married a year later. They have three children, all married. Their daughter Heather is married to Tom Anderson and they have five children. Their daughter Amanda is married to Jason Sommer with two children and runs her own horse training facility. Michaela who is married to Ethan Vorwerk also owns a horse-riding lesson business.   

Michael did graduate work at Northern Illinois University in biology and Southern Illinois University in molecular biology, where he also worked in fisheries genetics as a research assistant. He has taught both in public and private schools for 25 years and has been the recipient of numerous prestigious state and national teaching awards. Michael has also been published in many professional journals. Besides teaching in schools, he has also worked at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago as an instructor of marine biology and as a curriculum writer.

Over the years, Michael has ministered to people in song. He has performed in Christian settings all over the Midwest. His repertoire includes contemporary Christian music, hymns, and some oldies with new Christian lyrics. He is an ordained minister and has served as a youth pastor, interim preacher, Elder and Bible teacher. He also travels as an expository Bible teacher and frequently speaks on biblical truths and science and the Bible.

Michael teaching during a Lumberjack’s Breakfast at Fort Wilderness

In 1999, the Lanes came to Fort Wilderness where Michael served as the Director of Education, ran the Nature Center, taught Bible classes, and spoke for many groups and organizations. He is best known at Fort Wilderness for developing the Nature Center Program, combining science and the Bible together in hands-on lessons, speaking on biblical archaeology and apologetics, leading an annual marine biology adventure to the Florida Keys, and co-leading archaeology trips to Israel. Michael continues to do similar work today at Evidence4Faith and he frequently travels speaking on these topics.

Michael has written two books on biblical archaeology, The Stones Bear Witness: An Archaeological Journey Through Israel and More Stones Bear Witness: The Archaeology of Jerusalem. He is currently working on a third book dealing with archaeology in Israel and has an upcoming book on Marine Biology in the Florida Keys and Bahamas coming out soon.

In September of 2020 Michael and Denise felt called to expand their ministry and founded the apologetics ministry Evidence4Faith with the help of prior Fort colleague and graphic designer, Charlotte Fohner, and business consultants at Better Wealth, Caleb and April Guilliams.

Presently, Michael continues his work as a biblical studies teacher and speaker, specializing in apologetics and evidence supporting the Bible. He spends much time speaking at churches, schools, camps, universities and groups.

Michael uses props, costumes, experiments and many other teaching tools to make Scripture come to life and help people gain a deeper understanding of God.

Contact & Bookings

CONTACT US: For general inquiries or bookings, contact or (715)490-6677. Our mailing address is 349 Knights Ave Kewaskum WI 53040.

For general information:

April Guilliams (for partnership and interview inquiries):, (715) 498-3234

Michael Lane (for speaking inquiries): (715) 490-6677

Denise Lane (for donation inquiries): (715) 499-0067

Charlotte Fohner (for marketing, IT, and content inquiries): (815) 721-7302