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We encourage your to share any course from our courses page that has impacted you! Here are some of the newest and most popular courses we offer:

  • Treasure and a Pearl: How to do a Bible Study (audio, video and optional downloads)
    • Many of us are never taught how to do a Bible Study and read the Bible like a novel. If we’re honest we may be leaving our devotional time unsatisfied and confused. In this lesson Michael will show you a simple method to help you get more out of your study time and jump start ideas on digging deeper.
  • The Book of Jonah, complete Bible Study (audio only)
    • The Book of Jonah is often named by atheists as the book they can’t believe. How can a man survive in a fish for 3 days? Is there archeological evidence of Nineveh? In this series Michael Lane will take you through the entire book of Jonah, verse by verse, and explain why you can trust God’s Word and what we can learn from Jonah’s story.
  • Science & The Bible Series (video, audio and optional downloads)
    • This 11 part series examines the relationship between different disciplines of Science and the Bible and the arguments surrounding this topic. The subjects covered include geology, oceanography, meteorology, human biology, astronomy, medicine, nutrition and psychology.

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