The Seal of the Prophet Isaiah (Biblical Archaeology) | 4 min

Dr. Eilat Mazar is a renowned archaeologist whose discoveries helped uncover the biblical record under Jerusalem. One of those discoveries was a bulla, also known as a clay seal that would have been used to seal letters. Hundreds of bullas have been found and they typically carry the symbol and name of the writer (such as a king, official, or scribe). This particular bulla was found on the south side of the Temple Mount and provides evidence of one of the most famous old testament prophets: Isaiah.

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CREDITS: Photograph of Dr. Eliat Mazar by Alexander Schick via Biblical Archaeology Society: | Isaiah Seal images and Dr Mazar’s publication of her findings: Mazar, E. (2018). Is This the Prophet Isaiah’s Signature? Biblical Archaeology Review44(2), 64–73,92. | Stock Music provided by mv_production, from Pond5

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