Solomonic Gates (Biblical Archaeology) | 47 min

Solomonic gates refers to the gates rebuilt by Solomon during his reign. Our modern ideas of gates are simple barriers to separate property, but gates served as much more in Old Testament times. City gates were very important points of communication, government, justice, and marketplaces. Biblical descriptions of these gates indicate that they were fairly large structures. Solomon is recorded rebuilding the gates of Jerusalem, Megiddo, Hazor, and Gezer. Archaeologists have found these gates, examined their structures, and gathered significant insights on their designs. Listen in to find out how these gates confirm the Biblical record and why you can trust God’s Word, even in the small details.

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The Jerusalem Files (Biblical Archaeology) | 8-19 min

Need evidence for the Bible? Let’s go to Jerusalem! This video series contains short biblical archaeology lessons based around the city of Jerusalem that we filmed on one of our Biblical Archaeology tours (Join us for the next one here). Join us as we travel around the city looking at some neat archaeological finds! Explore…

Archaeology of the Book of Daniel | 16-31 min

Many critics and skeptics of the Bible like to focus on the Book of Daniel, citing this book as some of the best evidence that the Bible is false. Throughout this series we will look at the evidence that supports this amazing book. Introduction: the Skeptics (22 min) This introduction addresses the seven skeptical claims…

Pontius Pilate’s Ring | 14 min

Was Pontius Pilate real? A common argument against the accuracy of the Bible and its characters is “Science has disproven the Bible.” However there is a science that has continually confirmed Biblical history over and over again. The field of Archeology which seeks to uncover the mysteries of the past and confirm the known record…