King David’s Tomb (Biblical Archaeology) | 18 min

Just outside of the old city of Jerusalem, to the south lies the city of David, an active Biblical Archaeology site uncovering King David’s palace. Go a bit further and you will find a peculiar area that’s often ignored between the Gihon spring and the Pool of Siloam. This site has gone through many changes throughout history after being visited by plunderers, conquerors, and builders. But there is evidence that this was the royal graveyard, also known as the Tombs of the Kings in the Bible. Join us as Michael explains what this site would have looked like, where King David would have been buried, and how this relates to evidence for the Bible.

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CREDITS: Stock Music provided by mv_production, from Pond5 | Simon Lee, James Coleman, and Tanner Mardis on | Drawings of T1 tomb and original excavation from The City of David: Revisiting Early Excavations by Raymond Weill and L.-H. Vincent. | Photograph of inside of T1: Zorn, J. R. (2012). Is T1 David’s Tomb? Biblical Archaeology Review38(6), 45–52, 78

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