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Over the past weekend I asked a friend if she would do a Bible Study with me based on the Keep The Fires Burning Bible Study series Michael and I have been recording. We picked two characters and read their stories before plugging in the podcast to help in our study. This simple Bible study time helped generate a lot of conversation around Christian living and our own personal choices. We even discussed how we can challenge each other to be more intentional in our time with God and His Word. My hope is that this story is a familiar one. Many new listeners have found the podcast and videos we create through recommendations of friends and family. That is why I am glad to announce the launch of our Social Partners Program!

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Season 2 at Evidence 4 Faith has seen steady growth from 382 average monthly listeners from the previous season to over 750 listeners this month alone! We’re excited that more and more people are finding the resources they need to grow in their faith and trust God more every day, and now, you can help keep that going! The Social Partners Program is simply an email list to let you know what is coming up next at E4F and how you can share it with friends and family. In exchange for helping us spread the word, you can get advanced access to our podcast and content!

Our goal at Evidence 4 Faith is that you experience the fullness of a relationship with God. So our content will always be free because salvation is free! Thank you for helping others take advantage of it!

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